Saturday, 1 September 2012

Zadora : The Journey towards Recognition

Andreas von Zadora-Gerlof is accredited currently as the world's leading gem stone designer ( or else referred to as glyptic ) an age old artwork with its actual origins in pre - Babylonian/Mesopotamian days . Out of this artistic groundwork Zadora has developed a world-class workshop which has perfected just about nearly every approach create the incredible cross section of commissions his patrons bring to his atelier .

Zadora's road to his current career demonstrates the stating that 'fact is often stranger than fiction.' A hunting mishap at the young age of 12 threatened to paralyze his right hand and therefore his father come up with an innovative kind of physiotherapy by planning to apprentice Zadora with a close good friend and observed Haida totemic engraver and sculptor.

His trainer, Gordon Cross continues to be today popular as an incredible artist among the Haida folks. With this therapeutic training procedure , Zadora initially identified his faculty to "form - feel ," the potential to visualize , create and sculpt in three dimensions and determined his calling and life's work was to ponder the attractiveness of nature in just about all its forms .

His father was unsatisfied and regarded his son's love of art, a spare time activity to be relished at the best. Three years of research in a military services school in the US (advocated by his father as a part of a long household custom) persuaded Andreas to nonetheless stick with his dream of exhibiting his art in treasured materials. He struck out on his own and committed himself to an 8 year expedition of getting to grips with the interesting and exciting old world strategies from the professionals of the art forms both equally in Europe and the Americas.

Through the years von Zadora-Gerlof and his group have pulled in bespoke art , unparalled jewellery , designer watches , objects de vertu , valuable architectural installations as well as automatons and timepieces for a ecstatic carriage trade client base around the world .

The very first American exhibition of the artist's work was displayed at the Forbes Magazine Galleries in New York City in November 1992 for the advantage of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and the New York Historical Society.

His following exhibition in October 1995 was organized at the Park Avenue Armory for the benefit of the Wildlife Conservation Society and in April 1996, a retrospective exhibition of his work was conducted at the Forbes Magazine Galleries (exclusive exhibit) to assist the American Friends of English Heritage.

Later in 1996 and 1997 Zadora presented a one man show at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City to excited public and critical recognition.

In June 2007, Zadora was hosted at the Hamilton Gallery in London for a month long exhibit and sale of his sculpted precious stone skull assortment named: "Memento Mori.”